Print Version to be released February 18

Thanks to everyone for their support this month for the Kindle Release of Angel Incarnate! I have had so many inquire about the printed version as well.

The book has been delayed just a few days but will be available soon!


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Free Kindle Day, All Day 1-11


MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Friday, January 11, 2013

To give some love away from the wonderful angels that have graced my life, I have chosen a special day to offer my new kindle book for FREE on Amazon for the entire day!

I thought January 11th was the best day for a Kindle freebie. It’s now 2013 and it took me about 13 years to write and finish the first novel in the Angel Incarnate Saga! I wanna celebrate with all my friends on Facebook the release of this book!

Thank you for all of your support for my writing, work and weekly radio show!


Here’s the kindle link:

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Another five star Amazon Review!

This review is from: Angel Incarnate: One Birth (Kindle Edition)

Angel Incarnate: One Birth by CJ Martes is a beautiful story of faith, transformation, and acceptance. The theme of personal growth and realization as the reader becomes witness to the struggle between the powers of good versus evil is masterfully presented. Full of mystery, intrigue, and adventure, Angel Incarnate: One Birth is a truly unique experience bridging the gap between what we imagine and what we perceive, challenging us to question the world around us…

Click here for full review!

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Angels, Angels Everywhere! A great question…

Those who know more about how the book came to be know the answer to this question but for those that don’t yet know…

I was asked “Do you still have experiences with the angels that came to you and told you about writing the book?”

The answer is YES!

They have continued to be a huge part of my life. I do not speak directly to all of them, however there is one angel of the group that I communicate with daily!

Keep the questions coming! I never mind answering them!

Much love,

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Spreading the word….

Thanks for all the book support coming in! Many of my friends have asked what they can do to help me out.  So with much gratitude in my heart I wanted to post the ways you can be an angel and let people know how you felt about the message of this book!

Our hearts do light the way…

There’s so many easy ways to become involved in spreading the word…

Write a review on the Goodreads website: click here

Write a review on the Amazon website: click here

“Like” the official Facebook page for the book! click here

Thanks again everyone for your love and support. May your angels hold you in the light!



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