Q: Do you still have experiences with the angels that came to you and told you about writing the book?

“The answer is YES!

They have continued to be a huge part of my life and the work that I do with others. I do not speak directly to all of them, however there is one angel of the group that I communicate with daily!”

Hint on angel’s name: The angel’s name is in the book….

Keep the questions coming! I never mind answering them!

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Q: What was it like to write a book with a group of Angels?

CJ’s Answer:

“That’s a great question.  It was such a transformational experience for me. I learned to love myself more than I ever had and to really be happy with myself and who I am.

When I was faced with life challenges, they were always there to help me and encourage me to overcome so many obstacles.

I can honestly say that I am not the same person I was before they came to me that very first time.

Also, they did have some input during the actual writing of this book. They would guide me to certain websites that contained certain key parts of the story.”

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CJ tells all about Angels and the book on Psychic Lounge

A special thanks to Matt Turner and Sista Sarah for having me on the show!

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Book Promotional Trailer

Angel Incarnate: One Birth Promotional Trailer

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Print Version is now available!

You can now order online the print version of the book.

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