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Author’s Note

Hello My Friends…

My name is CJ Martes and I have been working on this book project for over 13 years. I feel very blessed to have a wonderful and supportive family. I have raised 4 amazing children (Jordan, David, Aliena and Joshua) in Kansas City, Missouri. I have an amazing husband, David, who is also one of my best friends and has always been supportive of everything I do. Our family has been through many difficult experiences together, but those challenges have allowed us to grow and become better people.

The project Angel Incarnate: One Birth represents so much to me personally. It’s been a labor of love for so long and now it is finally finished and ready to share with the world.

Through the struggle of life lessons…

The book concept came from a very personal, and very intense experience that I had with a group of angels in 1997. That particular year I was struggling with depression due to several traumatic experiences in my life.  I struggled for several months. I was judging myself for being sad, so much so that I now understand that I was only making the depression much worse.

To the One Day all that Changed…
I was home alone during the day and laying in bed, honestly feeling sorry for myself and what I was experiencing. Frustrated at my inability to shift how I felt, I got up from bed to sit in the chair in my bedroom. While seated there, I began speaking out loud. I said, “I am so tired of hurting.” Much to my surprise, I heard a voice speaking to me. The voice said, “You are not hurting, you are healing.”

Apart from the obvious shock at a voice coming out of thin air, I sat and considered what I heard.  I was looking at my ‘healing” as a perpetual state of pain and suffering, rather than a process of healing that would eventually be complete.

As I considered this, I felt myself relax and my heart open up to the possibility of healing.  Once I embraced the need to allow myself to heal, I realized that a could not heal alone…I raised my hands to the ceiling and said. “Okay, if I am healing then I accept it.  But, I cannot do it alone.”

What happened next may be hard to believe, but it is absolutely true.

The room began to spin and everything looked like a blur for a few moments.  I closed my eyes because I felt dizzy. When I opened them again…I WAS NOT ALONE. I found myself surrounded by the most beautiful Angels. There were 13 of them!

Well whether you believe in angels or not, this book first began when they told me that I would write it. They even gave me the title!

So here we are 13 years later and the book is ready! I’m overjoyed and a little relieved to have finished such an incredible story!

I promise to you that Angel Incarnate: One Birth is an engaging and entertaining story, but beyond that, my purpose for writing it was to…

  • Inspire people to believe that they are capable of so much more than they think is possible.
  • Inspire people to overcome their fears.
  • Instill the belief that we are never truly alone.
  • Inspire the imagination of both adults and children alike.
  • Motivate people to love themselves more.
I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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