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The Angel Incarnate Saga captivates the reader by combining rich historic elements, the enduring mythos of Angels, and an epic struggle between good and evil. The reader actively steps onto the “roller coaster ride” with Catherine (the book’s central character)…as she is propelled toward a journey of discovering who she was born to be.  She is “jarred awake” by the obstacles of fear, disbelief, and the complete lack of control she faces at every turn!

Angel Incarnate: One Birth

Catherine Jane Moore has been hammered by a traumatic past (with the loss of her adoptive parents).  This has left her feeling closed her off from her emotions and separated her from the prospect of living a happy life. She works tirelessly in a profession of helping others – as a Clinical Social Worker – in an attempt to mask her self-critical tendencies and her belief that she is unimportant in the grander scheme of things.

Due to the ongoing peril and suffering in the human world, Catherine must awaken to her true nature, that of the angel Chirolae Jonais, in time to fulfill her destiny.   From the start of the book, bizarre incidents begin to turn her world upside down.  She’s pushed down the “rabbit hole”…into a mystical world…that she initially wants no part of.  As she searches for answers to what is happening to her, she gradually begins to unravel the mystery of her true identity!

Unbeknownst to Catherine, she is the child foretold in 125 BCE by the mysterious spiritual group called The Essene to be the first angel in human form! This ancient angelic prophecy was recorded as part of the legendary Dead Sea Scrolls, which were discovered in 1946 in the caves near Qumran.

The mysterious Angel Scroll was later discovered in Jordan, clandestinely purchased, and hidden in a monastery in Germany in 1972. The whereabouts of the scroll has been unknown since 1996 (when its benefactor died).

The Malem Tutela, a secret organization, has learned of the prophecy and is adamantly opposed to Catherine becoming the first angel born as a human being. They intend to stop her from fulfilling the prophesy, by capitalizing on her vulnerability (while awakening to her true nature). They have enormous resources, whose murderous intentions are focused directly on Catherine.

Angel Incarnate is a race against time- as human and spiritual worlds collide. Catherine finds herself precariously caught betwixt those two worlds!



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