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Recent Emails from Readers:

Thank you for writing this book!

Dear CJ,

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book, Angel Incarnate – One Birth.  I was guided to read it and while reading it got many full body tingles.

I fully enjoyed your writing style and story. I hope this book is made into a movie!

Thank you for persevering and writing this book for the world to enjoy, and for those of us awakening to our true selves. Love and blessings!

~Suzanne (June 2013)

I loved Angel Incarnate!

I had been waiting for some time for its release, and it was well worth the wait. The story is engrossing and liberating at the same time. For anyone who has experienced the struggle of believing there is more to themselves than the way they have always seen themselves…Catherine’s struggle will strike a cord. For those awakening to deeper spiritual connections, the story will resonate as well. It is a thought-provoking beginning to the saga. I look forward to the next book to see where it will lead.

~Catherine Portenier (May 2013)

What a read that was!!!I could not put it down, I just read and read as if my life depended on it.

It was riveting, the suspense as good as any Dan Brown novel, frightening at times, yet hoping and praying that Catherine would remember her true identity and having empathy for her dilemma of not knowing.

While reading different pages brought up a variety of sensations in and around me. A touch to my head and feeling pressure there e.g. Page 182 had the energy around my heart vibrating and again very strong sensations when Joshua told Catherine she was an angel P 264. It made me recall things that had been said to me by others about my own destiny,though that still remains a mystery even to me.

Again Thank You so much, 

~Deirdre (May 2013)

Early Reviews:

“I read it from start to finish, completely saturated in it’s suspense and love. It was hard to tear myself away. No other book has ever been this exciting and placed me in the story as if I was right there.”

“A great read, if you like angels you will love this book, this is definitely fantastic . I would read it again.”

“From start to finish, the very unpredictability of ‘what will happen next’ was in my opinion absolutely brilliant, and made for one of the most suspenseful stories I have ever read.”

“Full of mystery, intrigue, and adventure, it’s is a truly unique experience challenging us to question the world around us, and opening up our hearts to a higher consciousness and personal belief.”

“All of the characters in the story were totally convincing and believable, and one gets the sense that they are more than just fictional beings – there is a ‘knowing’ that they actually do exist. “


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