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Angels, Angels Everywhere! A great question…

Angel Incarnate Chirolae Jonais

Those who know more about how the book came to be know the answer to this question but for those that don’t yet know… I was asked “Do you still have experiences with the angels that came to you and told you about writing the book?” The answer is YES! They have continued to be …

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Spreading the word….

Thanks for all the book support coming in! Many of my friends have asked what they can do to help me out.  So with much gratitude in my heart I wanted to post the ways you can be an angel and let people know how you felt about the message of this book! There’s so …

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Now available on Kindle!

Angel Incarnate: One Birth Kindle Page

After a few book conversion issues yesterday…the book is now available! Click here to order! Don’t have a Kindle? No Problem. You can download FREE Kindle for PC software by clicking here.

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Congrats to these 10 Winners

To commemorate the release of the book, 10 winners were selected at random to receive a free PDF version! Ed Conley, Lanae Landau Blattner, Edan Nissim Sehayek, June Lampert, Colleen Wellman, Elnor Rollins, Ginger Morrell, Brenda Liberman, Greg Stueve, and Mitzi Schwien! If you didn’t win, you still have a monthly chance to be one …

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Official Launch of Facebook Page

Angel Incarnate One Birth Official Facebook Page

I am super excited about the release of the book.  Only 8 more days to go. So it’s still not available yet, but in the meantime, please visit the official Facebook Page for the book! Click here to visit the page: www.facebook.com/angelincarnateonebirth    

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